Clara Elisabetta Mattei 

Associate Professor

Department of Economics 

New School for Social Research 

CV as of Mar 2024


Pisa, Italy & Strasbourg, France - June 2016

Ph.D., Economics - Sant' Anna Institute for Advanced Studies & Université de Strasbourg, Ecole Doctorale Augustine Cournot (Co-Tutelle)

Dissertation: 'Market Fetishism and Repressive Politics in European Austerity Thinking after WWI (1918-1925)'

Supervisors: Giovanni Dosi, Nicole Giocoli, Claude Diebolt

Pavia, Italy - 2013

Five Years Excellence Diploma - Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia (IUSS), with honors

Thesis: 'Keynes on Austerity'

Pavia, Italy - 2012

M.A., Philosophy - University of Pavia, 110/110 with honors

Thesis: 'The Marx of Michel Henry: A Phenomenological Interpretation of Capital'

Pavia, Italy - 2010

B.A., Philosophy - University of Pavia, 110/110 with honors

Thesis: 'Wittgenstein and Sraffa - A Methodological Comparison'

Cambridge, UK - 2009/2010

B.A., Philosophy, Part II - Cambridge University, Trinity College

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards

October 2023

Herbert Baxter Adams Prize from the American Historical Association

March 2023

Federico Caffé Prize for the Italian Translation of The Capital Order

December 2022

 A Best Book in Economics in 2022 from Financial Times

New York, USA - 2021/2022

Outstanding Achievements in Social Justice Teaching Award


Princeton, USA - 2018/2019

Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Social Sciences

Member and Fellow

New York, USA - 2020/2021 & 2014/2015

Columbia University

Visiting Scholar, European Institute

Sponsors: Adam Tooze, Victoria De Grazia

New York, USA - 2022/2023, 2020/2021 & 2014/2015

Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies

Faculty Fellow

 June 2015

History of Economics Society

Young Scholar Award

May 2015

European Society for the History of Economic Thought

Young Scholar Award


Sant'Anna Institute for Advanced Studies

Scholarship for PhD Studies

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International University College (IUC), Turin, Italy:

Sant’Anna Institute for Advanced Studies (SSSUP) Summer School, Pisa, Italy 

INET Young Scholar Initiative (YSI) 

Mentorship of Ph.D. thesis and Master’s thesis Since Fall 2016 

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